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Choyang Medical Industry Ltd.
Endoscope Washer

Automatic Endoscope Washer-disinfectors(CYW-201)

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Automatic Endoscope Washer-disinfectors(CYW-201)

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CHO YANG MEDICAL proudly introduces to you the state-of-the-art automatic endoscope washer-disinfectors, CYW-201 and CYW-100 developed exclusive Hi-Technology and designed to modern conditions. This CYW-201 and CYW-100 are compatible with fiberscopes, video endoscopes, and for all brands of flexible endoscopes, such as Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon etc.

Dual Scope Reprocessing
CYW-201 can be easily loaded with 2 sets of flexible endoscopes at a time or optionally each endoscope can be loaded and disinfected separately.
Leakage Tester
CYW-201 conducts a leak test of the endoscope before the start of reprocessing cycle.
The leakage test is compatible with Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon scopes.
Full Automatic Procedure
CYW-201 has the automatic function of washing, detergent cleaning, disinfection, draining and each function can be manually operated if required.
Perfect Washing and Disinfection by 3 powerful motors
By controlling air pressure and water resistance through automatic sensors, CYW-201 guarantees perfect washing and disinfection of both the outside and inside of endoscope.
Multi-Channel Jetting System rotated in a 360 arc
By using this particular jetting system for water-detergent-disinfectant, CYW-201 ensures the perfect washing and disinfection fast and effectively.
Water Filtration System
Certified bacteria-grade water filtration system
Clinical test result available

Upon request.

* LEAKAGE TEST (Water Type)
- Time : Washing - 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 Sec
  Detergent - 10,20,30 Sec
Disinfection - 1,2,3, x 10,20,30,40,50 min.../ 1,2,3, x 9 hr.
- Program (Automatic)
  / A mode : Washing-Detergent-Washing-Disinfection-Washing-Air
/ B mode : Washing-Detergent-Washing-Air
/ C mode : Washing-Disinfection-Washing-Air

- Detergent Tank Capacity : 1.2 Liters
- Disinfection Tank Capacity : 12 Liters

* COUPLERS : 6 Outlets in cleaning Base(2 Scopes)

- 1 Outlet (Compulsory discharging in pannel)
- 3 Outlets (in the front door)

* POWER : AC 220V, 60Hz
* WEIGHT : 89kg
* SIZE : 660 x 630 x 930mm ( W x D x H )

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